How To Protect Intellectual Property Rights? | In Simple Ways

Important Ways to preserve copyrights

How to protect intellectual property rights? And what is intellectual property? In this topic, we will discuss the ways to preserve intellectual property and avoid theft in the most straightforward way ever. Just go through the steps listed in the following paragraphs to find out all that and more.

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How to protect intellectual property rights?

Before we know how to protect intellectual property rights, first, we should know the types of intellectual property rights:

First: copyright

Copyright includes literary and artistic productions that have a creative aspect, such as:

Literary Works: It includes all written and authored works, including software services and programs, whether published or not yet published.

Music: Lyrics, notes, melodies, etc., also fall under intellectual property.

Movies and dramas: whether this includes dialogue, soundtrack, directing clips, or anything else.

Technical Drawings: These include artistic, creative drawings and visual, sculptural, and graphic works, whether they are two-dimensional or three-dimensional.

Architectural designs: copyrights also include completed buildings and their unpublished designs.

Manufacturing rights

In the context of talking about how to protect intellectual property rights which is not within the copyright of intellectual property, falls within the manufacturing rights, which include:


By registering a patent, the law grants inventors protection for their invention for a maximum of 20 years from the day the application is filed! With the full right to prevent others from making, selling, or using the invention.

Patents include practical inventions, machines, manufactured products, or improvements to an already existing invention. It is essential to know that patent rights are transferable to other persons or bodies. You can make a profit from selling, licensing, or using the idea as collateral to negotiate to finance.


A registered trademark can be a word, phrase, identity, logo, image, or a combination of the above. Trademark registration aims to protect it, distinguish the services or products you sell, and ensure that other people do not use it to market their products and services.

Geo-related products

Under intellectual property laws, some products associated with certain geographical places are protected against imitation, such as Caucasian honey example or any product associated with a particular country, and therefore a person is not entitled to imitate this product and sell it as if he bought it from that geographical area.

What does intellectual property protection?

Intellectual property protects literary, artistic, or scientific creativity and attributing it to its owners and ensuring that it is not infringed or used without their consent. This includes books, musical compositions, dramas, audiovisual works, sculptures, models, maps, photographs, computer programs, and databases.

Why is it necessary to learn how to protect intellectual property rights?

Intellectual property has rights, but these rights are protected only by registering them with the competent authorities to ensure the necessary compensation in the event that they are illegally used or violated.

Owners of trademarks, especially other types of intellectual property, are negligent in registering their trademarks, ideas, and writings, even though the registration distinguishes them and guarantees their exclusive rights to use their projects or ideas.

The first thing that IP registration gives you is recognition of creativity and that you are the owner of the idea, project, or author.

And since you are the owner of this project or idea, you can register the right to compensate for any violation or violation of intellectual property from those who benefit from it without your permission or permission.

More information on how to safeguard intellectual property rights:

One of the most important features of intellectual property registration is to ensure security for investors and financiers and to avoid future disputes.

Intellectual property registration also grants the right of protection to ideas, trademarks, manufactured materials, and literature, and registration gives the idea owner an exclusive privilege to benefit from his idea or trademark.

Thus, registration enhances the value of companies or publications and ensures that they are not exploited, sold, used, or licensed to any person whatsoever.

How to protect intellectual property rights:

How to register intellectual property rights:

Before registration:

  • Try to benefit from the advice of some lawyers or lawyers in the country where you live so that they can help you know the documents required for registration and application.


  • Submit the necessary documents evidencing payment of the fees charged for registering intellectual property.
  • Submit the necessary documents that show that you are the owner of the idea, project, literature, or trademarks.
  • Bring a copy of your commercial register if the idea has a commercial dimension.
  • If you assign the task to a lawyer, make sure they have a power of attorney to represent you.
  • Submit the request to the responsible authorities and follow up on the status of the request, and in the event that the request is rejected, try to find out the reason and ways to appeal.

 After registration:

  • Study the rights granted to you by the registration and keep an eye out for any infringement of copyright or workmanship to take necessary legal action and take civil and criminal proceedings to defend your rights.

Another way How to protect intellectual property rights:

Electronic risk insurance: It is one of the new coverages. It is insurance protection used to protect companies or any person who carries out a specific activity via the Internet, as well as individuals using the Internet, from the risks based on the use of that network. More broadly, it is insurance against risks related to information technology infrastructure and its activities.

This type of insurance falls under the umbrella of liability insurance, but it is usually excluded from the typical liability documents and is covered by a special document if the client requests it

The importance of Electronic risk insurance:

In the context of talking about the importance of Electronic risk insurance and how to protect intellectual property rights. Theft, loss, or destruction of personal or commercial data or information or any data of value to the customer.

Disruption of the customer's means of communication, such as his website.

Theft of the client’s money by hacking into his personal accounts.